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Elizabeth, Tennyson appeals to me so much more as I get older-

>Deep as first love, and wild with all regret;

Just lovely- wild with all regret…

It reminds me of my dad in his last year– he was obsessed with memories of before he met my mother and we kids were born, and I remember being a bit annoyed by that– come on, high school and the army were BEFORE your life with us started! But then I realized– looking back, he just couldn’t think of all those years because they reminded him of losing my mother 5 years earlier. Better to remember getting his Eagle Scout and some kids he knew in 10th grade.

Cynthia, you guys are making me cry! I went to England with my late friend Lynn Kerstan, who had been a lit professor, and we came across a field of daffodils, and she recited that poem, and said, “I always wondered what a host of daffodils was!”

Just goes to show– poems are either about love or death, and sometimes both. 🙂

Regret is such a good emotion for a poem, because it’s about remembering and feeling bad about it!




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