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Doreen Jensen

Hello, Cheryl and all my writer peeps. Welcome, Mary and Nickie.

This week I wrote 2890 words, did a few classes, and am enjoying our writings emotions class. In addition to my Future Learn classes, I’m also taking one on self-publishing.

I’ve been working in the garden and trying to organize my place. (not that I’m good at that sort of thing)

I did go to an auction pick-up last week and came home with a 1930’s china cabinet. I turning my mudroom into a small appliance pantry, My kitchen just doesn’t have enough storage space.

I did take your suggestion and tell the neighbor about his potential black walnut fortune. He seemed unimpressed. He’s a young fella that keeps to himself. Perhaps he’ll look into it. (but if he cuts them down without city approval he is subject to a 750. dollar fine for each.)

I am loving being outside to write. but we are having a  heatwave that is supposed to last at least a week.




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