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Here are my three songs:

And here’s how I chose them and why: I have chronic fatigue syndrome. One of its effects is strange sleep patterns.  Last night I crashed at 9:00 p.m. and went to sleep immediately. When I awoke at about 1:00 a.m. I decided to catch up on this class.  Alone, on my sofa with my laptop, in the dark in the wee hours, I checked in.  I’ve always loved music, but since my age related hearing impairment, I’d pretty much stopped trying to listen.  Hearing aid sound just isn’t the same. I had committed to the class, so I put on my best earphones and went to youtube as instructed. (End of prologue 🙂
I knew which songs I would listen to: the three songs my husband sang to me on a rainy Wednesday night when we were “courting.” We were alone in my apartment with the door open, not touching because we had decided on a traditional Jewish courtship. He played and sang all three of these songs in the order I have listed them.  That was 31 years ago.  We weren’t young then. And we’re a lot older now. But hearing those songs, and now just writing this brings sweet tears to my eyes.

The songs brought back the sweet passion of new love.  That kind of love can’t last forever.  And we wouldn’t want it to. Our work in the world would never get done if we remained so enthralled by our love.  Everyday love sustains us as we go build our lives together.  And Old loves sustains us as we age.  Listening to the three songs, I realized that if the love is true it’s never lost, just resting at the center of the heart.

My logical mind realized that what I have been missing in trying to finish my romance novel is allowing myself to be so vulnerable to powerful emotion.  Thank you, Alicia, from “the bottom of my heart” for the assignment.


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