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Ruchama, wonderful selection of songs!

I’ve noticed that whenever I think my story feels… dry? Sludgy? Mechanical?

it’s because I haven’t found its ‘heart’. And I’m defining that as sort of the emotion center experience. Like one story was a mystery, and I was so focused on the mechanics of the mystery, I didn’t have any sense of what the emotion was. Then I had this flash– “fear of trust”. The emotion story is about that, or meant to engender that– the sense that trusting someone puts you in jeopardy.

And then it was like the whole story got an injection of energy, because I could FEEL that- the hesitation, the longing.

Ever since, I try to ask myself EARLY in the writing– what’s the heart of this story?

I know some writers who actually choose a song that “feels” like they want their story to feel, and listen to it as they write.



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