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Connie is having difficulties posting, so she sent me this and gave me permission to post it. Lots of great information here, so please look it over. Thanks!


We talked briefly about doing a book cover contest in lieu of doing Pages From The Heart contest. I tried to reach out to several other avenues that does book cover contests and so far, I’ve had one reply to my inquiry and I found out some information on the Alaska Cover Contest.

1. We’d need a name for the contest.

2. Date and coverage. i.e., Colorado says romance novels with copywrite dates of 2017 or 2018.

3. Line up Judges, Can be romance-loving readers, booksellers and authors, or trained judges, I would avoid romance-loving readers and stick with booksellers, or trained judges.

4. Set a fee. Date opened and date ends and rules. The 2018 Rocky Mountain Cover Contest had adopted the following contest rules:

1. Entries must have an original copyright date of 2017 or 2018.

2. An official entry consists of a jpg (no exceptions)

3. An Official completed form must be filled out. Entries must have the specific category marked and evidence of payment to CRW via Paypal.

4. Titles must be entered into one category only. No double entries allowed.

5. Authors may enter multiple titles, as long as each title meets the entry qualifications.

6. The contest Coordinator reserves the right to disqualify any entry if all rules are not fully met.

Submission rules

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Cover Contest has adopted the following submission guidelines:

1. All entries must be received by the deadline of Sunday, September 30th, no exceptions.

2. Send your entry to Rocky Mountain Cover Coordinator.

5. Entry: For example, a JPG cover and a form

6. Categories. i.e., contemporary romance, erotic romance, etc.

7. Final judges, maybe the board members?

8. Contact person

9. Where to send, forms to be filled out and pay method

10. Entry rules

11. Colorado sent the covers to all members with a link for promo, this would be if the contest was opened to romance-loving readers. I question the idea of promo of individual authors.

12. Awards:

The only issue I have with doing cover contests is that it leaves non-published authors out. To include the non-publish authors, I would suggest something like a pitch session or contest, or back cover blurb contest, etc. specifically for unpublished authors.

Attach is the form from Colorado Romance Writers they use in the cover contest.



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