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Hi Cheryl & Marina,

Ha, out of my 18 easy scenes, I got 6 done. Considering how my week went, I’m okay with it, that’s 6 better than where I was last week.

Here’s what happened over the week: I had 2 budgeting deadlines that were sprung on me with a super-short deadline at work. Then, because of all the stress, my anxiety was sky-high, so I took some evenings off for self-care those days. Then, I remembered that one scene in my to-do stack was a new scene I needed to write, so that took a solid evening. But, now to the happy news, I got my paperback proof back from KDP for my new release on the 24th, so I did a bunch of new release stuff (and that paperback is silently up and running on Amazon while the ebook is still on pre-order… :-). So, I’m all set for the release to come.

Not that those are excuses, but I had to make some decisions on how to prioritize my time this week. Self-care had to come first. But looking back, it’s been a very productive week.

Now that I’m in a better place mentally, I’m ready to get back to regular editing. I’m going to do 2 scenes tonight (so let’s make that 8 scenes of 18 for week 23 lol). And with lessons learned, my goal for next week is to edit 1 scene at a minimum each day for a total of 7 next week to keep that flow going, and if things go wonky again, I have some breathing room.

Oh, and yes, I went ahead and voted. I’m still new, but I’ve been following the posts about the pros & cons and thought hard about what in my view would be best for the chapter and how it would affect me as a member in the long-term, as I’m planning to stick around for a looooong time! 🙂

Have a wonderful and productive week,




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