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Everyone is so productive! Does my productivity-minded, organized little heart good. haha

I am really busy right now and I have a feeling this is going to carry into the summer. Getting ready to plant my fully vaccinated self on a plane to see my grandkiddo who I haven’t held in my arms since Jan. 2020. On top of that, it’s going to end up being a working vacation unless I finish this MS early. So… with that in mind, I need to get back to work…

Last week I had to take 2 days off to finish another round of edits on the next release, so I managed just over 6600 words on my MS. My goal was 10K, but edits take precedence, as this next release is a big deal for me.

Shooting again for 10K and hoping to blow it out of the water this week as I don’t expect my line edits back until next month.

Wishing you all good health and great creativity!



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