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Congrats on your upcoming release, Nickie! And wow on that edit total! I like how you planned for seven and not only doubled it but added an extra just to be sure. 😉

Glad you liked the video, Mary. You know, I used to be a big-time night owl. I can easily slide into it again if it’s the only time I can work uninterrupted. But, I have to admit, I do more writing in less of a panic if I get to bed earlier and wake up at 7. It was hard for me to face that, though. And I reserve the right to night-owl again if a deadline calls for it. 😁🦉🌙

I had a great week of drafting. FINALLY knocked my 10K goal out of the water with 13,048 words for the week! Tomato sprints for the win. 🍅⏰ if you’re curious.

Holding steady to my goal of 10K. Should be very close to finished by the end of this week. Then comes the initial edit, then off to the dev editor. Yay!



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