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Doreen Jensen

Hello, Cheryl and all my writer peeps.

I managed 1835 words this week and 2 classes. Sort of slacking off in this heat. The garden is taking a lot of time but hopefully worth it. I am trying to knuckle down and edit and get it ready for the developmental editor.

The first contact with people this past weekend– BIL wanted to BBQ for family and now we are all vaccinated once and it’s in covid limits so we went. Don’t think we’ve been together in a long time. I say Last July and he said Thanksgiving. It was nice to see everyone. But I think Covid is making me feel feral. It was interesting trying to eat and socially distance. FIL who is going on 94 was glad to be let out of the home even if we had to remind him every so often about the pandemic because he is always surprised and says he didn’t know about it. He can carry on a widely informed conversation about current events but forgets 10 min later.



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