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Hi, Cheryl & everyone,

Still editing my short stories. I’ve been working on edit #2 and am finally on story #6 (I have 6 stories). I’ll go through them all at least two more times, maybe three. I’ve got ideas for two more stories – not sure at this point whether they’ll be novellas or full-length novels.

I think I’ve finally learned what I need to know in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to make my own book covers and greeting cards. Of course, there’s a lot more to learn in the program, but finally I’m not pushing myself to learn what I think I need to know. My purpose in learning this program has always been so that I can design my own book covers.

It comes in handy for greeting cards, too. My cousin’s father passed away and I just wasn’t able to find any sympathy cards that had messages that I liked inside, so I designed one. I ordered 10 of them from the printer near me and am going to pick it up tomorrow. If they look okay, I’m going to have the printer print the Christmas cards I designed as well as some birthday cards. Never hurts to have a supply of cards onĀ  hand.

Now that I’ve got the learning to use GIMP behind me,, I can concentrate on editing and writing again.

Have a good week, everone.



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