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Great job, everyone!!!

Oh, and Dory, I still have an old copy of Photoshop Elements on my desktop PC (like from 2010 and before it went to a subscription based model) and learned most of my graphic stuff there. I played around with Gimp on my Mac and it’s pretty close to my copy of Photoshop, so yes, it’s a beast to learn, but once you get the hang of it, the sky is the limit! One day, my boss asked me if I knew anyone who could erase someone from a group photo on a silly picture and add someone else dressed in a banana costume, then add some fun text to it. I said: “Sure, send me the picture!” lol

The biggest help in learning how to do stuff like that was purchasing the book that goes with that version of Photoshop and lots of YouTube videos when I got stuck on a little project (thank you Google) Designing my Magnolia Hill series logo for my covers was one of those projects which involved curving text in a circle… Yikes!!!

I’m wishing everyone a great week! Keep up the good work!!!


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