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Applying this to my current MS again…


The little ghost boy has a wooden toy horse with a broken off ear in his pocket he pulls out every so often (starts in 1st scene). Then the female main character buys him a wooden rocking horse, because she realizes that he likes horses (middle of book). Finally, it turns out that the little boy’s father was a toy maker in the 50s (when the boy had died) (end of book when he crosses over with his family).

Thesis: Little boy needs all of her love she can give.

Anti-Thesis: Has to choose between real love & family and caring for her ghost boy.

Synthesis: There is room for both.



My female main character reaches for a bunch of Christmas cookies for comfort during difficult situations.

Interesting… This is great! It pulls the story closer together as I spend time thinking about the overall picture. This enables me to sprinkle in little clues here and there to add significance to an object or person later in the story (kind of like I introduce a character (or highlight a side-character) toward the end of one book who will then be a main character in the next book in the series. 🙂

Again, thanks for putting togetther this workshop! I’ve already learned a ton of new stuff that I plan to use.


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