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Kathy Crouch

Hi Tami,

Last night, or early this morning rather around 1:00 AM CDT, I decided she will tell him that she can’t marry him because she’d be leaving them all alone. The prince will build a bigger long house that will allow all of them to live under one roof. I did think about the father remarrying. I’d have to create a woman in the Viking village for him. I might go that route. The prince is a second prince and Keeva knows he’s a prince. She saved his life when they were on board the ship heading for his homeland of Scandinavia (all the countries were one big area then). He’d received serious wounds that were going to cost him his life. The soldiers on board heard rumors of a healer in the slaves. They found Keeva and took her and her father up to where the prince lay on the deck. They threatened to throw her father overboard if she didn’t heal the prince.

Healing him gave them freedom along with land and a house. They also received sheep, and other animals from his parents.


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