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Hi, Cheryl, Kathy and everyone!

Since learning GIMP (the photo-editing program), I’m now tiring myself out, but I’ve become obsessed with creating book covers, greeting cards, prayer cards (and I’m not even religious!) – anything I can think of. I’m getting tendonitis and have got to try to slow down a little. But I’ve gotten really good at it, even if I do say so myself. I now have book covers for novels I haven’t even finished yet! Two of the novels need to have an editor go over them and one is a brand new novel that’s just in the planning stage. It took me about a month and a half to get good enough at it that I’m happy with what I’ve created.

I decided to self publish last September and it’s been an adventure!

Some good news is that I’ve found a really good beta reader through Savvy Authors’ crit match program. She’s a published author and is making so many really good suggestions and observations. She’s going over one of the novels that needs an editor to look at it.

I was going to share one of the illustrations I made for one of my short stories and as I was looking at it, discovered I’d made the main character rather transparent in the illustration. I can see the background through her! This is one of my earlier attempts. It needs some work.

Well, have a good and productive week everyone!






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