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Hello all,

This week went very well and I finished my structural edit of my current manuscript and began the pass through ProWritingAid to catch all the terrible typos and grammar errors (at least the majority of them). That should take me about 10 days to 2 weeks. Then it’s a final read-through before it goes to the editor. So when I did a readthrough for the book that just published, I used my Boox digital notebook I had bought on Amazon recently. It’s like a Kindle Paper and uses e-Ink. So, the cool thing is that not only can you use it as a notebook, you can also upload your manuscript and as you read, you use a stylus to take notes just like you would on a printed manuscript. It weighs a lot less than a binder is about the size of an iPad, so I can easily carry it to a coffee shop or to a park to work on it.

My goal this week is to run about 4 scenes through ProWritingAid a day to catch up a bit (took about an hour yesterday, so I think it’s sustainable).

Cheryl, I might join ya’ll with sprints when I’m back to writing scenes. The next manuscript’s first draft is done (Nano Project from last year), but I’m sure it needs a LOT of added scenes.

Kathy, good job!!! You can do it! I know what it’s like wanting to finish something so you can jump into the next project with a clear head.

Jeanne, I’m so glad you found something to get excited about. With graphics, once you figure out how to work the program, it’s so much fun to create new things. And the good part is that you can knock out  graphic in a short time. The hardest part is to find the perfect photos and then deciding on the right lettering and colors. But all that’s part of the fun. Keep it up!

Have a great week everyone!


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