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Doreen Jensen

Cheryl, I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

I wrote 1900 words this week, have been working on 2 classes and taking a short break from future-learn. Hubby officially starts his month-long holiday on Monday so that future counts will be minimal. Last year we painted outside. This year we paint inside and create my small-appliance pantry. (for all my little electric gadgets and cooking apparatus, and baking crap.) My garden is growing well, and we did our SW Ontario European tour. That meant a full day of driving around  SW Ontario, Canada photographing and visiting places with the same name as European capitals. In 8 hours–we visited Paris, Lisbon, Brussels, Seville, Vienna, Copenhagen, Dublin, and London. Since our Waterloo region remains in Step one as the rest of the province went into step 2, we got take-out that we ate in the car to not interact with others. We are allowed patio dining but no inside dining yet.

I hope your week went well.



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