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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl and all,

This week ended pretty awesome. On Thursday I started Camp NaNo for July. I put away the fantasy, paranormal, historical story I’ve been working on since November and started fresh.

I have a 30 something military woman. She’s a widow with a four month old baby. The husband was active duty also. He was killed when he walked in on an armed robbery at a convenience store. She was in the car waiting for him.

Now, she’s on her way to Texas from Fort Carson, Co on 30 days leave with the baby. I’m working on setting up the kidnapping of the baby. The baby will be stolen in regards to a black market adoption ring.

The word count for the week is 16,230. However, 11,975 words of that is just since Thursday. I’m determined to write the entire book this month and it’ll come in around 90k.


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