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Joanna Jelen

Hello Peter,

Joanna Jelen here, following you from RWA Online chapter. Good to be in your class again 🙂

Exercise one

Part 1: My villain, Veronique, acts like a dog in manger (greed, envy). Reasons for her flaws: rich, spoiled daughter who always got what she wanted and never paid any consequences for her wrongdoings. Her background for my story: Veronique tricked my hero, Jay, into marriage showing him a positive pregnancy test. When a few months later, Jay discovered the truth and annulled the marriage, she put him on the top of her blacklist. In my story, she fuels the suspense part, trying to scare/eliminate (her acts escalate) any new female from Jay’s life, including my heroine, Justyna.

Part 2: I love characters with flaws.

Sometimes the bad or “twisted” characters are more intriguing than the good ones.

Example: Alexis vs Saint Krystal in Dynasty or Win vs Myron Bolitar in Coben’s books.

Sometimes, it’s okay they don’t change much. They don’t need to be perfect in every way, right?

Roarke—thief/bad boy but transformed into a model man/husband for love

Mare of Easttown—burned but dedicated, stressed but loving

Jack Reacher—loner but heroic /my ultimate warrior :)/ /never with T. Cruise image 🙁 /

Anne from Green Gables—sweet and optimistic, no matter what


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