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Hi, Joanna

Veronique sounds like a real bad one. Greed and envy are certified Deadly Sins, so the resonate as evil. The backstory does drive acts of vengeance, but I wonder why she is this way? How does she see herself as the heroine of her own story? What inspires empathy for her? If you can find those answers, it will be easier to create protagonists with genuine flaws and still be able to care about them.

On your list, there are some great opportunities. I’d stick with the protagonists (not villain, since they’re too easy). Revisit these and see if you can take on the next step. Being burned out or a loner does not point to flaws. And, as much as I love Anne of Green Gables, is not all sweetness and optimistic. She got angry and broke a slate over Gilbert’s head. She held a grudge against him. Those are not positive, but they are very human. One of her tasks that formed her arc was to find ways to control her temper. I think that’s one reason why she is beloved.


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