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Joanna Jelen


Veronique (the antagonist in MIP) is for me the symbol of the kids who were never punished for their bad behavior, perhaps even encouraged for it as their parents believe their kids are never wrong and it’s always the other kids’ fault. If she grew up in this type of environment and always nurtured her “rightness”, it’s hard to change this attitude. Maybe, even impossible because it feels powerful to always be right and above others.

I’m not sure I want the readers to feel empathy for her. They could for Veronique as a little kid because at that age when her character was forming, she didn’t know any better. But Veronique as the adult should know better and stop her madness. At least try. I could excuse an act of heat of passion but Veronique does hers with malice and premeditation. I don’t want to feel empathy for her being too weak to change.

Please advise at which point it’s a wrong scenerio and what I should change/explore. My analysis of a character is shallow as you could see with my list of my memorable protagonists. Unfortunately, when I read, I let lose myself in the story without examining it, or the characters, or conflicts, etc. I hardly even remember the details later. I understand I have to break the bad habit for writing my own book, so I appreciate if you could help me find the way. Thank you so much!


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