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Joanna Jelen

My heroine, Justyna, has as many flaws as my villain but they lack the malice, as the greed is replaced with sloth. Justyna has similar ‘whys’: she is also the only daughters, dotted on, encouraged to be exceptional and above, but at the same time excused for idling or never trying too hard.

The difference is, Justyna—although it takes her some time—can admit when she is wrong and apologizes. Her core is good.

When we meet her, she’s removed from her comfort zone and forced to hard work. The circumstances humble her, and she is able to appreciate what she got before for granted.

Yet, she still wants to commit the crime and marry for green card, even though she understands the legal consequences. She finds excuses to justify her plan: she does it to help her friend, she doesn’t have any other way to stay legally in the USA, she will pay for it with her hard work, it’s just a gentlemen agreement not a real marriage, etc. At the end, her moral core wins. She rejects a marriage proposal to get the papers, not only from respect to the law but mostly to honor her (and her family) belief that holy matrimony should be based on love.

How can I make her more interesting? Go bigger and NOT go home? Thanks 🙂


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