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Joanna Jelen

For the last two days, I’m thinking about your advice, about this one reason to feel emphatic for Veronique and I can’t find it. Until her very last act, when she shoot at Justyna, Veronique doesn’t even feel guilty for her wrongdoings because she is using/paying a guy for them and she doesn’t personally see their effect (one woman has a leg broken after she is hit by a car, another gets her apartment on fire and part of her body is burned, etc) Since nobody suspects her, she feels untouchable until she got scared, shooting at Justyna. Then, she starts feeling bad. Maybe…

The only positive outcome is that her acts push the heroine and hero together—the opposite effect she did them for.

How to find empathy for a person like that? Could you point me in the right direction? Thank you.


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