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Joanna Jelen

Oh, I like it how you fired at Justyna. Part of me wanted to cry and protect her but you’re right, she lies and cheats. I’m not sure, I’m showing her flaws in my story clearly enough (most likely because, as you said, I’m letting her to have flaws but only a little…).

I hope, you’ll teach me later how to accomplish that. So far, my CPs like Justyna. Should I ask them what flaws they detected? How else can I find out if the story tells what I really wanted to tell? Please advise. Thanks!

PS. It seems I’m the only student in your class. Please, don’t cancel it. It’s so hard to find a great instructor. Many writing experts are great experts but are poor teachers. You’re inspiring and pushing and make me think—they are the best teacher’s qualities. Thank you. Please stick with me. 🙂

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