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Here’s my puzzle. Daniel is my male romance protagonist. His external goal is to please his father and supplant his brother by marrying his brother’s former fiancee’ and produce an heir to his father’s title and estate.  His brother is mentally disabled so he is unable to marry and produce an heir. If Daniel does not convert and marry as his father wishes he will be ineligible to inherit the estate or  title.  He will be a resident alien.  The paradigm of Jews as an exiled People. The complication is that by “marrying out,” that his marriage to a woman who is not Jewish, he is ensuring that his descendants will not be exiled but also will not be Jewish.  My target audience will not want him to achieve this goal. Rebecca, my female romance protagonist is Jewish. She symbolizes the mystical Jewish concept of the Sheckinah, the female  Presence of the Divine who follows the Jewish people into exile. The story ends with their marriage and HEA.

I’d love some advice on how to use the faults in Daniel’s arc.

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