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Hi, Cheryl and everyone,

I think I can relax a little and don’t have to feel compelled to push so hard at working with the photo-editing program. After a month and a half, it seems that I have learned most of what I need to know to create book covers. I also created a sympathy card for my cousin who’s husband passed away and a Christmas card. All the sympathy cards I looked at had really lame sayings written inside and cards are just so darn expensive these days. Then I realized I could create my own. I had a local printer print up a few of the sympathy cards and will have to get the Christmas cards printed. I find it’s best to go local with something like that. If you use something like Vista Print, these companies’ prices sound good, but they really get you on the cost of shipping.

I also created business cards for my sister and some bookmarks. And book covers for my works in progress (even through they’re far from being ready to publish.

Now, I am back to focusing on my editing and am starting another historical novel. This novel is ending up requiring more research than usual for me.

Two more things I’ve been working on, but are kind of on the “back burner” right now, are tutorials for using the photo-editing program I learned. The longer tutorial is on creating a book cover – and it’s still a work in progress. The shorter one is a tutorial on how to create a greeting card in the same photo-editing program.

Both tutorials start out with how to download the program and a basic familiarization with the program, the menu at the top of the screen and what the different areas of the screen are. But creating a greeting card is not as lengthy a process as creating a paperback book cover. But the tutorial on the greeting card will give the person going through it a good basic understanding on navigating the program.

Now, my next project will be learning to self publish with Draft2Digital. The thing holding me back from learning D2D is that they don’t have a function you can use to design your book cover. You already have to have your book cover designed and ready to upload. But now that I have learned to do my own covers, I can proceed with learning D2D. D2D is an “aggregataor” that will publish “wide” for you. That’s apposed to “narrow.” I’ve been going through KDP and Amazon all this time and staying with only Amazon is “narrow.” That’s not a bad thing though, because Amazon has the lion’s share of the book-buying market.

But if you want to go “wide” and publish to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, get your book into libraries and onto Overdrive, then you have to publish to each one of these individually or use an aggregator like D2D or Ingram. Ingram charges up front every time you use them to publish; D2D does not charge up front. They charge 10% of every sale you make, which to me is better than paying up front whether you sell anything or not.

Also, a good thing about D2D is that you can you can use them to format your eBook AND your paperback book. You can format your eBook in KDP using their Cover Create program, but they don’t have anything you can use to format your paperback. I learned how to do that in Word to get paperbacks on Amazon.

For those who don’t want to pursue learning how to format a paperback themselves or hire a freelancer to do that, you can do it through D2D. And you don’t have to carry the process all the way through and publish with D2D. Say you want to go with Amazon, but down want to learn to format your book. You can use D2D to format the book for papaer back and then download the final PDF before you get to the “publish your book step.” Then you upload the PDF to KDP to publish on Amazon.¬† You can do this with¬† formatting an eBook, too. Just because you use D2D to format doesn’t mean you have to carry it through to publishing with them. You can download the file and upload it to KDP or where you want to publish it. And it’s free.

To me, I’d rather just carry it through to the final step and publish with D2D – but that options there is you only want to use them to format your manuscript. If you go ahead and publish with D2D, you can pick and choose where you want them to place your book (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, libraries, Overdrive, etc.). I like the idea of getting my books into libraries and onto Overdrive.

Sorry for the long post. That’s it for week 27. Can you believe how fast the year’s going?



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