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I’ve learned so much so far, but this lesson especially speaks to me. My heroine in the novel I’ve just started has some qualities that make her unlikable. She’s the spoiled socialite daughter of a nouveau riche industrialist and his wife. The father loses his business empire in the crash of 1893 and has a heart attack. His death leaves his wife and daughter destitute. They go live with the wife’s niece and her husband. The daughter (and the mother also) reveal themselves as very spoiled women who have no skills and are used to having everything handed to them. At this point in the story, there’s nothing they know how to to do that will bring in an income.

The story hinges on the girl’s “awakening” becoming an independent woman of character. And along the way, I must show her as likable, as someone who, under all her “spoiledness” has character and rises to the challenge of the situation.


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