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Doreen Jensen

Hello peeps

I have been slow this past week on the writing front. while still writing every day I have been skipping future learn and mostly lurking with the others but I do want to get interactive with our class this month but with Hubby home for the month of July we have been busy painting inside the house. We just finished turning the mudroom into a small appliance pantry. and now he’s tearing wallpaper from the bathroom for us to paint while I fill the pantry cupboards with all manner of stuff–my baking pans included. then it will be the bedroom. so not so much getting done as I would like.

Jeannie, you are a wonder, How quickly you learn–such a smart cookie. YAY.

Mona, I hope your husband’s tests come back good, I’ve been through them and some are ok while the stress test, as it implies is stressful. Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you two.

Cheryl, I hope you had a great vacation. I would like to join the chain event Sept is better if I am going to try the sprints again, otherwise, I’m good with august.

Kathy has been going gangbusters, and it sounds like it will soon be ready for the world.



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