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Hi, Dory!

Sounds like you’re busy with home improvements and you’re writing too! That’s discipline!

I’ve been playing with Draft2Digital for a couple of days now. Right now, we can only do eBooks with it but eventually well be able to do paperbacks with it too. I really like the eBook we can format with it, but I’m not crazy about the PDF it formats. I thought I would use the PDF to upload to Amazon for my paperbacks, but come to find out, the D2D’s PDF format is only for the author’s information and not for publication. It leaves 2 black pages after the front matter and before the chapter one.  But that’s okay because I learned how to format my paperback manuscript in Word and then save it as a PDF and then I upload that to Amazon with KDP.

With D2D, at least I can go “wide” with my eBooks.



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