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Good to see that you’re all so busy!

I got home from Texas on Thursday and then had to immediately leave town again for my niece’s bridal shower. That’s a nearly 5-hour drive round trip, which wears me out when I pack it into a day. Doubly so, when it follows a long airplane ride. Triply so when a 5-hour trip takes 7 hours due to a sudden wildfire in the mountains. I was absolutely done after that. Finally feeling better, though.

While on vacation, I finished the first draft and first edit of my 80K book during my granddaughter’s nap time and after she went to bed. I had a couple of long nights after I got home, but made my deadline. Whew!

Now I’m on the final edit for book 5 of my series coming out this month. Planning to knock out 40 chapters this week and get it formatted on Vellum and uploaded. I still need to write a blurb. Eeek. Just remembered that. And then order the paperback. So, 40 chapters might be pushing it, but that’s my goal.

I knocked out 10 yesterday. 🙂

Let’s do the Chain Event in September. I’ll bring it up again next month.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!



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