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Cynthia Capley

I’m a bit late getting started on the exercises and hope to catch up. I’m working on a Regency romance.

Part 1:

My antagonist in the story I’m working on has a craving for power and control. Underneath this craving for power is anger and a feeling of not measuring up. He likes having the upper hand over others. This stems from his childhood where he overheard some friends talking about him and saying he would never amount to anything and would be a failure. He heard this from his father as well but hearing the same from his friends impacted him greatly. He vowed in that moment that he would show all his friends and his family that they were wrong. When he failed at something, it further cemented this vow.

Here is an attempt for my heroine. She is craving being treated as more than a piece of property. She’s always done what she was supposed to do even if not in her best interest and ended up in a toxic marriage. As a widow, she finally got some independence and getting to live on her terms. The antagonist is threatening that independence. (I still need to think through what she’s willing to do to keep her independence but end up falling in love with the hero and have her HEA. I’m thinking I also need to come up with ways she hurts the people she loves on her path to her HEA.)

Part 2:

Jeanette Turner and Kate Wallis from Cruel Summer – I found myself disliking and liking the two protagonists over the course of the series. Likewise, my empathy for them varied depending on what was revealed in the course of each episode.

Sebastian Ballister, Marquess of Dain in Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. He’s had a difficult childhood, is a misfit and an outcast. At the start of the story he is unscrupulous and doesn’t care if he leads others to ruin.

The Fall – Stella Gibson is a detective superintendent. There is empathy for her because of some experiences she’s gone through, but she is also a bit self-serving. She is also very focused, determined and I would say obsesses with catching the killer.

Mare of Eastwood – Mare is a cop and works to do good. But she is flawed; for example, when she realizes she’s not going to get her way in a personal matter she breaks the law to try to get the results she wants. She is still likable, and one feels empathy for her. She’s grieving and still hasn’t processed or come to term with the loss.

Miss Scarlet and the Duke – Miss Scarlet is trying to make it as female detective in Victorian London. Though she does illegal things while working on cases, she is very likable.



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