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Hi Cheryl and all,

So true about self-care not being a selfish act. I had to learn the hard way (actually, because of my COVID last September, I had to learn it’s okay not being non-stop productive and take time to rest – well, I had no choice. My COVID was pretty bad and I got pneumonia from it. It took me 8 weeks to really get my breath back, and I still needed to lay down and rest 15-30 minutes mid-morning and mid-afternoons for a while after that. Thank goodness I was teleworking and my supervisor was awesome to give me the time to recoup if I needed to. Then I got hit with a bunch of other annoying infections and trailing health stuff, but am finally feeling like myself again. About time! All that said, yes… self-care is an absolute must.

About my project, I’m back in the saddle after getting brain-fried (in a good way) during the CRW Conference last weekend. I’ve picked up a bunch of nuggets (not Chicken McNuggets – had those yesterday and don’t get me started about McDonald’s ultra-thin burger patties. Where’s the beef? There’s a reason why we usually don’t go there…)

Anyway, it took me about half a week to get my head back into my WIP-needed that break-and it’s rolling along quite nicely again. I’m in the pre-editor readthrough/polishing phase so today I took my “Boox” notetaking tablet (love that thing) where I had downloaded my manuscript to and my Staedtler stylus (it looks like a real pencil-yeah, I’m geeky that way) to Applebee’s for lunch and did a few scenes worth of editing.

My goal for next week is to edit at least 1+ scene a day and shoot for 4. So by this time next week, I should be at a minimum at scene 27.

So, I’m laughing at myself, because every week I come on this board, I have all intentions of sending out a brief post (same with my newsletters). Well, as always, that didn’t work… What can I say? There’s a reason I write novels and not flash-fiction…lol

Have a great week, everyone!!!


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