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Hi, Cynthia

I’m a big advocate of finding the fun. I don’t see a point to writing (other than therapy) if it isn’t a joy. (Not all the time, of course, but often.)

Since writing isn’t easy, frustration can be part of the process. You might see if you can clearly articulate where the frustration comes from before November begins. Then see if you can put together a toolbox of choices to keep you going. I may skip to something where my ideas feel surer. Or I do a dialogue only scene. Or switch to using a pencil. Or interview a character. Sometimes, Damon Knight said (somewhat colorfully), you need to just squeeze out nouns and verbs. I’m not much in favor of that, but I’ve (rarely) taken that approach. Things loosen up with time.

The “job” sentence works perfectly. I suspect you could jump right into writing that seen. Frustration is more problematic since it is so internal. It might be fun to think about how you would present that scene just in pictures. It’s not a requirement to do that. Being brought into characters thinking is one of the joys of novels. But you might find it gives you more to work with before you try to write the scene.


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