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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl and everyone,

Nicole, I’m glad you’re healing and feeling better. I didn’t have COVID, but I had pneumonia and a severe kidney infection last fall the end of October, first of November. I spent 8 days in the hospital then accidentally flooded my apartment a week later. I was forced to move, the property management people hauled me into court to evict me for taking too long to get my things out. I received a bill for just under $13,000. Now, they’ve turned it over for collection and they want almost $15,000.

I had a hard time making my goal of 2905 per day Wed, Thurs, Fri. I was glad I had a big lead on the 90,000 words I’ve planned for this month to cover the low days. The word count totaled 15,965 words. I will probably go beyond 90k. I always write long that’s why I set such a big goal.

I hope everyone has a great Week 29 ahead. I can’t believe we’re over halfway through July already.


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