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Hi, Joanna

These definitely get under Justyna’s skin.

1. Having a friend get angry and curse you can really hurt. I’m not sure I saw that in this scene. She seemed more concerned about her plan than the relationship. Even the reflection that prompted an apology felt strategic rather than empathetic. But she definitely came off as frustrated and angry. (If not contrived, there is some drama to be had here if he actually grabs and toilet brush and hands it to her as he says, “the only brush you hold is the one for cleaning a toilet.”

2. Being wrongly accused is shocking, and I can see how Justyna couldn’t believe it was happening. I love the turn where, instead of attacking him, she puts the betrayal into a large truth and makes herself vulnerable. A moment of feeling wounded before her reply (or even tamping down anger) would add a dimensions, but this is really a brilliant sequence. (It might also be good to have the accusation come with him waving a tabloid or similar symbol of his humiliation in her face.)

3. Admitting failure is never easy. I love how she has the courage to do it right after Jay’s muted reaction (which had to hurt). The bags are a great touch, testimony to her mistakes. This is another gem.


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