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Dory, your “great wheat sharks” made me laugh. I love your posts. Great job this week, too!


Hello peeps:

Nicole, I’m glad you are on the mend, but it sounds like you had the “long-haul” Covid where recovery is slow. So continue to take it easy and take care of yourself first.

Mona, I have been thinking of you and your husband. prayers continuing.

I managed 2610 last week as we continue with the painting. Just as Hubby thought the mudroom conversion was complete, I told him I needed more shelves, so he will circle back to that once he has the bedroom painted and rearranged. The bathroom is done. We have had so much rain–almost every day. right now the sun is splitting the shingles but we are expecting 90+ mph winds with nickel-sized hail according to the weatherman.

Remember when I told you we did the  Ontario European tour, well one of the places we went to was Dublin(Ontario) Now, this is shark week and a woman there, had her husband make up plywood sharkfins which she painted and put out in their wheatfield so that when the winds blow it looks like ocean waves– She calls them “great wheat sharks”– if we can we may take a boo out there to see them. with all the painting we are desperate for any kind of entertainment.



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