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Hi, Cheryl,

I did try to take better care of myself and got up and walked around periodically. I’ve been sitting down for too long periods of time and it makes my feet and ankles swell. It got worse during the weeks I was spending so many hours each day learning the photo editing program.

Now that I’ve gotten used to that program and the novelty’s worn off, I’m spending more time writing and editing and making myself get up and walk around more often.

The next thing I want to learn is how to publish with Barnes and Noble. I can get my books into B&N using Draft2Digital. But I’d also like to learn specifically how to upload my manuscripts for paperback books with B&N.  Going with B&N for paperbacks is good because this gets your books into their brick & Mortar stores. As the COVID restrictions drop away, I want to do book signings and if I get my books into B&N, I can do book signings there. Once this happens, if my books can be made available through B&N, if I can get my friends go call our local store, then B&N might stock my book. And I understand that their paperbacks are really good quality.

The tutorial I listened to on YouTube said B&N’s royalties are a little lower than Amazon, but I’m thinking it is worth it to be able to get my book in their store so I can do author signings there.

I managed to hit my goal of 3 hours or more this past week even though I’m not spending most of my time on GIMP anymore.

My goals for next week other than making the 3 hours a day are to. continue to edit my short stories and continue working on my new WIP.

Have a great week, everyone.



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