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Kathy Crouch

I spent July writing 90,855 words. I made a goal for Camp NaNoWriMo to write 90,000 words. I planned to write a brand new book/story.

So I wrote, didn’t quite get to the end of the story. I have talking heads, body language, lots of dialogue but setting is zilch. I used to write lots of description of the setting. Now, I’ve got action, and dialogue.

I’ve started spending most of the day at Starbucks. The place where I’m living with my brother-in-law had broken ac. Then for some reasons unknown to humans bees decided a little hole in the wall near the ac unit would be the perfect home. So first he would have to pay to have the stupid bees removed and then pay to have the ac fixed.

We live in Texas, although, nowhere seems to be cool this summer, so central ac is normal. We have all windows open and fans going. One thing that modern houses (this one is early 90s) are missing is lots of windows for cross ventilation.  Oh yeah this is a 2 story house too.


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