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Hi, Cheryl,

I like the idea of  a social media challenge. I do post some on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin about additions to my website (my blog, what I’ve learned to do in GIMP – the photo-editing program) and I am getting traffic to my website. But that traffic isn’t translating into book sales.

Now that I’ve learned what I need to know to create book covers and illustrations that could be used for the interiors of my books, I’m spending entirely too much time on GIMP playing around attempting to create stuff that doesn’t relate to my writing at all. I am learning things I could possibly use in the future, but I still feel like I’m spending too much time on this and not enough time on my writing. Out of all the time I spend on the computer every day, I’m only averaging about 2 hours or so on actual editing my collection of short stories and working on a new WIP. But, as my sister says every time I tell her I feel like I’m wasting my time, at least I’m learning new things.

I did manage to finish the draft of the tutorial on how to create an eBook Cover in GIMP. Would any of you here be willing to test it? I want to make sure it’s clear and that people with absolutely no background in photo editing (Photoshop) can follow it. So many of the tutorials I watched on YouTube did not explain things well and it’s difficult to learn something that you’re totally unfamiliar with when the tutorials don’t explain clearly. Right now I’m trying to learn how to wrap text around a circle and no matter how many times I go through the tutorial, my text comes out backwards around the circle and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Obviously, this isn’t a topic I touch upon in the tutorial I wrote.

GIMP, unlike Photoshop is free.

Anyway, for anyone here who’s interested, I can email you a PDF, or if it’s okay, I can post a PDF here. For those of us who self publish, being able to create our own book covers could potentially save us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Well, have a good week, everyone. I’m going to try very hard to spend more time writing and editing.




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