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I have a couple of thoughts on this. First, we have to remember that Rebecca is pretty much helpless in terms of harming Baronet Scott or Daniel, or anyone else. Interesting that you suggest it though.  My original germ of an idea had my female’s original motivation being revenge and attempts at harming.  I abandoned that and I don’t think it’s necessary here. Because this is a Romance genre novel, I’m following one paradigm for Romance genre: the ultimate goal of the protagonists is to love and be loved.  A flaw that prevents the fulfillment that love offers is serious enough without infliction or intention to inflict harm on other characters.

My list deals with loyalty in those terms. And broadly deals with loyalty as impeding Rebecca’s relationships with the entire household. The harm  potentially caused by Rebecca’s last two escape attempts also includes snatching away Daniel’s opportunity for “true love” and leaves him at the mercy of the Mary Bennington. (She’s becoming delightfully more and more wicked as a write her scenes. An antagonist I love to hate, even as I understand and sympathize with her predicament).

Rebecca’s final return (in Hebrew tshuvah–a powerful term in Jewish tradition, often translated as repentance) shows either that she has freed herself from the impediment to love her loyalty has caused; or, that she has transferred her loyalties in a healthier direction.

For this romance novel breaking Daniel’s heart and likely sending him into a marriage that will deprive his children and descendants of any claim to their Jewish inheritance are sufficient harm. (At that time there was no question of any claim to being Jewish based on patrilineal descent as there is today since the Reform Movement holds by it. My target audience will be invested in the Daniel’s not “marrying out.”  (This is a hot issue to many Jewish women. I’ve made Mary their blond blue-eyed nightmare.)



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