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Katie McCoach


Ooh, good news, I touch on first person in this workshop! I agree with you, it’s hard to find things about first person deep POV, and one of the “myths” out there is that first person is automatically deep pov. It’s not! Using first person pronouns is not enough to truly do that deep dive, and so all the methods we talk about in this class will be directly beneficial to you as well, even though I’ll mostly refer to things in the third person standpoint.

Hello Katie,

My name is Joanna and I live in Milwaukee, WI but I was born and raised in Poland (my English still reflects it a LOT). I’m working on my first story, a contemporary romance with elements of suspense. I’m new in this, so I want to learn as much as I can (thank you for sharing your knowledge :)) My story is from first person POV and I can hardly find advice about deep POV for first person online. I hope to go “deep” with your help 🙂

Katie McCoach, Instructor
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