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Victoria Elliot

Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice summer. Here is Chapter 1 of my WIP, Going for Broke. This is book 2 in my romantic suspense series. The hero, Nate Hughes, is Elise’s (Lethal Lies) brother.

My blurb (not crazy about the last line, suggestions welcome):

CIA officer Angie Liu disobeys orders to investigate an informant’s mysterious death. When her investigation leads her to Jamaica, and she has to get out of the U.S. unnoticed, she turns to the last man she wants to ask for help, the sexy, almost-one-night stand she just spurned—who is also her informant’s son.

Still reeling from a stranger’s rejection, Nate Hughes is shocked when the beautiful woman who bolted from his hotel room shows up at his family airline. Then he discovers she’s not just another Florida tourist, but a federal investigator who wants him to ferry her to the Caribbean.

Angie doesn’t want to fall for the handsome-but-gruff son of a former asset, and Nate wants nothing to do with the organization that may have set his dad up to be murdered. However, he’s not comfortable leaving her alone on the island, and she’s glad to have someone she can trust at her back.

As Angie and Nate work together, their desire ignites and they uncover secrets that put their lives—and any chance at happiness—in jeopardy.


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