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April Chapter Minutes. (There wasn’t a June chapter meeting because we had two town halls.

Can I have a motion to approve and a second?

April 2021 Chapter Meeting

The April chapter meeting was called to order on April 8, 2021 at 12:49 PM EST by President Shirley Tudhope.

The first order of business was to approve the February 2021 Secretary minutes drafted by Jessica Jayne, Secretary FTHRW and posted by President Shirley Tudhope. Connie Bretes motioned to approve the February Secretary minutes and Laura Russell seconded the motion. The February 2021 Chapter Meeting Secretary minutes were approved.

Arel Jansen, Treasurer, presented the March 2021 Treasurer’s Report. 

Connie Bretes, VP Programs report no new members for the Pinterest Board. Highlighted how to join the Pinterest board for those new members and those who were unaware of it.

Laura Russell, VP Communications, participated in two zoom calls: RWA Chapter Leadership Meeting and Member Town Hall. Changes to RWA bylaws were proposed. RWA will host retreat in Nashville on same dates as the original conference July 14-17, 2021. RWA 2021 Conference will be online in November

No report presented by Social Media. FTH is looking for volunteers to chair or co-chair for the contest committee and we are in need of a monitor for the Storm Plotters Group.

Ana Morgan reported on the Critique Loop that it has been quiet due, in part, to members reading and scoring Vivian entries. Loop has town new members and a third to be introduced.

President Shirley Tudhope presented on behalf of Cheryl Rider, Productivity Forum Chair. Currently hosting a Chain Event for month of April. This is writing drive where members write or edit for a minimum amount of time every day and track progress. Nine members participating. After two week hiatus, Zoom focus sprints available again. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays beginning at 3 pm PST. Occasionally Sunday sprints are two-hours and start an hour earlier.

President Shirley Tudhope presented on behalf of Cheryl Rider on the webinars. Difficulty scheduling March’s Markicity 101 webinar with RWA. By the time it was ready to go, didn’t have a lot of time to advertise to member. Next month’s should go more smoothly. Workshops provided at no cost by RWA—only for FTH members. Next up: Worldbuilding: Writing Vivid Settings by Kate McMurray (May 12 & replay May 15)

President Shirley Tudhope presented on behalf of Merien Grey regarding the website. No outages, no security issues and workshop proceeding without issue. 

There was no Unfinished Business.

President Shirley Tudhope opened up New Business with announcement from the FTHRW Board regarding a potential vote for disaffiliation. Board is investigating the steps as well as pros and cons. Information will be presented to membership once all gathered. 

Reminded membership to check profile and make sure it is up to date. Please make sure contact information is accurate. 

Next Chapter meeting announced as June 3, 2021. (Note: Due to vote for disaffiliation, June Chapter meeting was not held.)

President Shirley Tudhope adjourned the April 2021 Chapter Meeting on April 12, 2021 at 12:39 a.m. EST. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jessica Jayne, 2020-2021 FTHRW Secretary


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