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Brenda Nelson-Davis

Down Comes the Night by Alison Saft

Wren had never seen a worse radial fracture.

She replayed the break over and over again, each moment frozen like hoarfrost on the backs of her eyes. The boy, desperate to escape, scrabbling up the side of a tree. His fingers catching on a branch. The crack of snapping wood. The crack of snapping bone. And then, worst of all—the flare of her magic, calling out to heal him as he screamed.

POV- Third person past tense.

The boy’s fall and injury deeply affect the narrator.  At this point the reader could ask

-Why was the boy desperate to escape? What was he escaping from?

-Why is the narrator so upset about this boy’s injury?

-What is actually going on in this scene?

I believe this scene is in deep third, and although it’s in past tense the action seems immediate to my read—as though we are in the narrator’s head.


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