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Jessica Jayne

The Viscount Who Loved MeĀ by Julia Quinn

Anthony Bridgerton had always known he would die young.

Oh, not as a child. Young Anthony had never had cause to ponder his own mortality.

  • What is the FIRST thing that stands out to you regarding the POV of these opening lines? It almost sounds Omniscient – like a narrator in live theatre. There’s a distance to this opening.
  • What POV would you consider it to be in? Why? Third Person. It uses the characters name instead of the first person pronouns.
  • Is the writing present tense or past? Do you think that makes a difference in how the scene and/or character voice comes across? Past tense. This is a prologue so I do think past tense works here. But the first three sentences seem distance though intriguing. It raises questions. Is Anthony dying now? What’s happening?
  • What could be changed, if anything, to make it Deep POV? Perhaps something visceral from the character so the reader can understand the current state of him. Is he nervous? Scared? Accepting? I haven’t read this book yet – it’s on my TBR on my nightstand.

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