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Elizabeth Spaur

The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride by Kristen Painter

Strawberry was a possibility.  Maybe raspberry.  Although pomegranate had potential.  Or did it?  Pomegranate might be a little tapped out.  Best to stick to a classic.  So raspberry truffle filling.  With a dark chocolate shell, because dark chocolate was everything.

This book is past tense third-person POV.

To me, this book opens right in deep POV.  We are smack dab in the middle of the heroine’s thoughts.  We don’t even know who she is yet, but we know she is a chocolatier who loves dark chocolate and her thoughts are consumed with chocolate recipes.

The next paragraph takes a step back and introduces the heroine, but I love that this starts right in the middle of her thought process for creating a new recipe.


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