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Victoria ElliotVictoria Elliot

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve not been very good about keeping up with Weekly Goals this year, but this week feels a bit like a turning point. I work in a high school and head back to work on Wednesday. I actually think this will be good for my writing as I find it easier to structure my time when I have less time to work with.

    I had big plans for the summer and how much I was going to get done. As I went day by day, it didn’t seem like I was doing anything, but when I look back I realize I did get quite a bit accomplished. I spent June re-writing the ending of my first manuscript based on the advice of my RAMP mentor and my wonderful critique partners. July focused on the second book in the series. When I banged out the rough draft for this one during NaNoWriMo, I did this goofy thing where I switched from third person to first person part-way through. That meant I had 30k words to transcribe back to third person (and eliminate all filtering, etc. that crept into the first person narrative). I also participated in #carinapitch in July and got a partial request so I needed to polish my synopsis and query letter. Book 2 was a finalist in the Rudy Writer Contest, and I needed to submit a synopsis for the final round, i.e. write a synopsis (ugh, the worst). Now I’m going through my newly transcribed manuscript to edit, revise, fill in details and check for scene goals. I’m trying to do one chapter a day. I’m also taking a few classes this month: Diving Seven Miles Deep with Deep POV here at FTHRW, Writing to Market from Writer Univ, and Regency Food and Seasons through The Beau Monde. Finally, I’m trying to do just a bit of planning each day so I have a new WIP for the chain event in September.

    Yesterday, my husband went to play frisbee golf so I could get some work done. He was gone for hours, yet I managed to futz away most of the day on email and other things that didn’t really need my attention. I was so grateful for the Zoom Focus Sprint because on a day I felt I wasted, I got to check tasks off my daily to-do list.

    This week should be more of the same: editing, planning and classes.

    Sorry for the long-winded reply (and I’m sure some of you are thinking: Who is this person?), but I wanted to end by saying how much I appreciate these events, the check-ins and this chapter. 🥰