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Katie McCoach

Although there is a certain distance because of the formality of writing in historical romances, I do still think there are ways Deep POV can come to light. Several of these examples are from historical romances, and some have more “voice” and depth to them than others, I find.

What do you all think?

From Someone Wanton His Way Comes by Christi Caldwell

It took a moment for Clayton Kearsley, Viscount St. John, to register his friend’s words.

In part because of the din in Gentleman Jackson’s, where too many noblemen had packed into the club to play at being gentlemen gladiators.

In part because of the casualness with which the words had been delivered.

POV: 3rd person, past tense.
This POV type is the main one I’ve seen used in historical romance..
This could probably go deeper as far as POV, although I feel the way it’s written conveys the time the POV character took to understand what his friend had told him. Some of the ways this could’ve been changed to deep POV was by showing the character’s physical reaction to what he’d heard.

Katie McCoach, Instructor
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