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    Whose story is this? (Who are readers supposed to care about?)
Betty the witch. (1st person POV)
    Is there more than one character whose story this is? Do they need their POV to be featured just as heavily as the other(s)?
This is also partly Ronan’s story, but we see it through Betty’s eyes. One POV. So, really it’s all Betty’s story because we’re only seeing his story as it relates to hers.
If we limit the book through only a few POVs, what, if anything, will readers not learn that is essential to the story?
Nothing essential. They’ll learn what they need to know when Betty does. I drop hints that Betty doesn’t notice right away, so readers are a bit more “in the know,” but they have to make a logic jump to get there. I do spell it out for them later.
Do they need to learn this information before (or in a different way than) the character does?
No. See prior answer.
What genre is your book? Who is the main audience?
Urban fantasy romance/urban fantasy and paranormal romance readers
Is Deep POV a common method of writing in your genre/audience?
What are the benefits of having such a limited perspective for your story?
The reader is able to connect deeply with the main character.
What are the cons?
Everything is sensed through the main character. So, if she misses something, so do the readers. It can be limiting when describing the main character. No one looks in a mirror and thinks, “I ran a comb through my long, sable hair.” They just say, “I ran a comb through my hair.” So I have to find ways for side characters to work in those details about her. Little things like that can require a bit more creativity.
Is your narrator (POV character) reliable or unreliable?
How would Deep POV enhance your story?
By allowing the reader to identify with and deeply connect with Betty. They’re more emotionally invested (one hopes!) in her journey than they would be if I told the story through another POV method. 
How would Deep POV limit your story?
See “cons” above
Bonus Q: What does your gut say about using Deep POV in this book?
That it’s the right choice for this character since she’s who the story is ultimately about.
Note: Single-person, deep POV also allows for an interesting reader magnet opportunity. You can rewrite a scene entirely from another character’s perspective and offer it to readers. That has worked out very well for me. 🙂

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