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Shirley Tudhope

Ruchama’s Report (NOTE: she sent to me, I read it at the meeting but forgot to post.)

I still have been able to access the Board Meeting forum, so I’m sending my report to you.

We have just completed Mastering Character Arcs with Peter Andrews
We have just begun Diving Seven Miles Deep with Deep Point of View with Katie McCoach

I am hoping to receive the results of the survey because it’s time for me to recruit presenters for 2022. It’s a time consuming job and our WebTech needs to have the schedule in place by October.

Our presenters have noticed that the number of active participants has dwindled. I suspect we have many lurkers who simply download the lessons for future use.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it’s somewhat dispiriting to the presenters, especially some of those who are the most responsive to participants’ posts.

I know many of us are weary of internet as a means of learning after a year of “sheltering in place.”  I am more than willing to cut back on the number of workshops we schedule.  it would lighten my  workload.  I also welcome suggestions of presenters and sources of presenters. Generally, I go to chapter websites and see what they are offering.  I also go to websites like Savvy Authors and visit sites of people who have previously presented.  The FTHRW website also has a portal where presenters can propose workshops.  For some reason we have not been getting many proposals this year.

Finally, and most important, the Workshop Procedures Manual is in critical need of a complete over hall. Now that we are running workshops on our on website, most of he manual is totally useless.  Institutional memory will not be sufficient when I am on longer able to continue as Chair (actually I’m the entire committee). Merien kindly provided me with important information about past practices  she assumed I had been given. I don’t want the next Workshop Committee to have to “reinvent the wheel.” Redrafting will be time consuming and tedious. It would be helpful to have some assistance.  I imagine the Board would want to review and approve the updated version.

I would appreciate the Board’s input on all of this.
Ruchama Burrell
Chair Workshop Committee


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