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Joanna Jelen

Homework 2

In my WIP, the main character is Justyna. It’s her story and she tells it in first person POV. There’re two other important characters: her best friend, Chris and the hero, Jay. Both men are presented from Justyna’s viewpoint, however the readers can learn directly about them from their conversations as well. The readers are supposed to care about Justyna, it’s her journey but I want them also to care about Justyna’s friends because she cares about them.

I don’t believe the readers need to know more than Justyna does. This way, they can experience her fears or uncertainty as much as she does without some supreme knowledge. I think…There are also some elements of suspense in the book, and the readers learn about clues only as much as she finds or concludes. I hope the limitation creates more tension and the readers can feel Justyna’s anxiety. Perhaps here they could feel superior if they deduct better and faster than she can.

It’s contemporary romance and according to the statistics, the majority of the readers are women, between 25-40 yo. Deep POV in third person is trendy for this genre but first person is okay, too (I may be wrong, but it used to be more popular in women fiction, right?).

Pros: I think first person POV (I’m not sure how deep I’m going, it’s my first manuscript—no experience) helps the reader to feel the character’s feelings more intense, the story feels more intimate.

Cons: Readers don’t know the other characters’ thoughts, only what readers say (and they can be lying) or what the readers can assume. On the other hand, the action tags and Justyna’s observation can enlighten the readers to a point.

I don’t know if it was my gut as I’m the beginner but when I started writing the story, I did it in first person POV without thinking or planning on it. I can’t say my choice was influenced by the books I read, since most of them are in third person. I didn’t even have any idea about deep POV until I took few workshops. My gut and experience are nothing to brag about 


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